Inlays and Onlays in Rio Rancho, NM

Inlays and Onlays in Rio Rancho, NM

Teeth are a significant feature of our face, and everyone must take good care of their teeth. Inlays and onlays are a kind of dental restoration that helps restore a tooth compromised by moderate decay or damage. They extend many benefits, including as an alternative to dental crowns. They can help repair tooth decay and give patients the functionality needed to eat all of their favorite foods. Inlays and onlays are porcelain fillings, giving the tooth superior strength.

What is a Dental Inlay?

An inlay is a kind of dental restoration that is larger than a filling but smaller than a crown. It safeguards the health and structure of a damaged tooth. Your dentist may suggest an inlay if you have a cavity on the top surface of your tooth that is essentially too large for a filling. These restorations can be fabricated out of porcelain or ceramics and planned to match the tooth aesthetically.

What is a Dental Onlay?

An onlay is similar to an inlay, is a dental restoration somewhere between a filling and a crown. They are also occasionally referred to as partial crowns. The dissimilarity between an inlay and an onlay is that an onlay helps in repairing not only the top surface of the tooth but also the cusp of the tooth. The cusp is the raised point on the tip of your tooth. If you need this restored or replaced, your dentist will most likely recommend an onlay. An onlay can be made out of porcelain or ceramics and fabricated using either a physical mold or CEREC technology. Onlays protect the structure as well as restore the tooth’s appearance.

What is the procedure for getting an Inlay or Onlay?

As the inlays and onlays are custom-made to fit your tooth, the process involved is similar to that of a crown. The inlays and onlays are created by taking a physical mold of your tooth or using digital CEREC technology. If you select to get a physical mold, the restoration will require two visits, as the mold has to be sent to a lab in order to create the inlay/onlay. Once the restorations are returned from the labs, you can go to the dental clinic and fit them.

However, with the latest CEREC technology, you can have the inlays and onlays fitted in just one visit. This is done by digitally photographing the tooth and developing the restoration right in the dental office. The inlay or onlay can be fitted after applying local anesthesia at the site. There may be slight discomfort after the procedure, but this should lessen within a day or two.

Why should you opt for an Inlay or Onlay?

If the impairment to your tooth is not severe, then the inlays and onlays are a less costly option. They are also much more hard-wearing than a filling, lasting up to 10 years, provided that you take good care of your teeth.

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